Pro Hearing Aid

The ListenClear Pro is a practically invisible hearing aid that provides enhanced natural sound.

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Elite Hearing Aid

The ListenClear Premier combines incredible sound-boosting technology with an easy-to-use remote and iPhone app.

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The ListenClear Shadow is a completely in-the-ear hearing aid with tap-to-adjust technology.

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Our risk-free trial allows you to try ListenClear hearing aid devices for 30 days in your own home, at work, or even at busy restaurants! Try our best hearing aids and take them anywhere you feel your hearing could use some improvement.

We are so confident that you will discover an incredible hearing difference that if you are not satisfied, we will send you a postage-paid return shipping label to return your listening devices at no cost to you.

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Try our products entirely risk-free! Simply call 1-888-895-1162 and our friendly, professionally trained staff will discuss our different hearing aids for sale and walk you through every step.

ListenClear’s Warranty and Coverage Plan

All ListenClear sound processors and receiver units carry a one-year warranty from date of purchase, covering defects in materials and workmanship.

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I’m ecstatically happy with my ListenClear hearing aids. I’m not a real technology guy and I’m not into a lot of gadgets and things, but this is so simple, anybody can work it. It’s brought me a lot of happiness and my wife is really happy because the TV is halfway turned down now.

David - Maryland
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With high-quality products that come with great service, we at ListenClear provide excellent, affordable hearing aids for seniors and other people who are hard of hearing. We want our customers to enjoy clearer conversations, which is why we offer such extensive service, warranties, and help.

If you’ve experienced age-related hearing loss, don’t suffer with it quietly. It’s time to understand more about hearing aids and how they work. The assistive technology we use in our hearing aids offers a frequency up to 14 kHz with 111 HD processing channels. With a simple, smooth design that’s comfortable, easy to use, and affordable, our best hearing aids, available online for you to buy and try right away, can utterly revolutionize your hearing experience.

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