Communication Needs of the Hearing Impaired

We use all of the five senses in our every day life. We use the senses of sight, taste, hearing, smell and touch in nearly everything that we do. However, many people are not able to use all of the senses. Generally, in the event of not being able to use a sense, the others become more acute and compensate for the lost sense. In addition, people can have aids that can help them compensate for the lost sense.

Depending on the severity of the lost sense, it is possible to improve the sense with assistance. For example, if a person has lost some or even most of their hearing, it is possible to have assistance in regaining some or all of their lost hearing ability. And, there are ways to assist hearing impaired individuals who have lost all of their hearing to function in every day life.

Below are some helpful information and resources on how communication can be improved for the hearing impaired. Please feel free to share this information with others that can benefit.