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About Us

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We listen
So you can too

In fact, everything we do revolves around listening. This started with the expert engineers who created ListenClear’s Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) hearing devices and goes all the way to the phone representatives who are ready to help put your hearing back to where it belongs today.

Our Expert Engineers:

Combining years of expertise in audiology and sound engineering, our leadership team has listened to thousands of hearing loss stories. These stories of both triumph and struggle have come from patients, friends and family and helped drive the quest to design a hearing solution that everyone can afford.

 Friendly Phone Representatives:

Our in-house phone representatives have been trained, tested and trained again in the ins-and-outs and bells and whistles that come with our device. Our goal has always been to listen and answer any question a customer could possibly ask about our device and provide the right solution to their hearing loss.

Give us a call, we’re ready to listen when you are.

Have any questions or need more help?
Call our support line 1-888-320-0424 or send us a message!

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