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Why do ListenClear devices cost so much less than other hearing aids I’ve used or seen?

We assure you it’s not because of a lack of quality. In fact, ListenClear hearing aids are just as good as top-dollar hearing aids—if not better in our opinion. Our devices were designed by a team of expert engineering and audiology specialists dedicated to creating a superior product at a price for nearly every budget, especially for those with fixed incomes. One important step was to remove the need for an audiologist as a middleman, cutting significant costs and returning the benefits to our customers. ListenClear hearing aids do not require an audiologist’s prescription or fitting, it’s done entirely by you, saving you more money and time without all the trips to your specialist. Learn more about ListenClear’s quality here.

I’m not very tech-savvy, how am I supposed to handle operating this device?

No problems there. Our device was designed for everyone, regardless of their tech background. In fact, making adjustments is one of the greatest advantages of ListenClear and allows the user to change their settings for optimal hearing no matter what the situation.

How long do the batteries last? Where can I get replacements?

This is entirely up to you. Each battery typically lasts about a week, though as it is with any other battery-powered device: the more it’s used, the faster the battery runs out. TIP: leaving the Battery Compartment Door open when not in use will make your batteries last even longer. We recommend keeping spare batteries on hand and replacement #312 hearing aid batteries can be purchased through ListenClear and also found in many retail stores. Check out our Auto-Ship Battery Plan and never worry about running out of batteries.

Do I really need a hearing aid NOW?

That’s entirely up to you and your family. If friends are constantly shouting so you can hear them or the TV’s volume is approaching triple digits, then the answer is probably yes. We recommend you have an audiologist evaluate your hearing and help you weigh through your options. NOTE: The longer you ignore your hearing loss, the more damage you may be doing to the sound processing areas in your brain. This damage can lead to serious issues including dementia and depression and of course, let’s not forget all the other special moments you’re missing.

Are hearing aids covered by my insurance?

Unfortunately no. Most private U.S. health care providers do not provide coverage for hearing devices and neither does Medicare. Verify your plan’s coverage and benefits with your insurance provider and you may wish to speak with an accountant before trying to deduct ListenClear devices as a medical expense.

Is this device going to be noticeable in my ear?

ListenClear devices are designed to be as inconspicuous as possible and to minimize any attention to your hearing difficulties. It was our goal to give our customers pride in returning to life’s most important moments without the embarrassment of a big, clunky hearing aid hanging from their ear. Our customers are very happy with the design, comfort and—most importantly—the incredible improvement to their hearing.

Why is my device making a whistling noise? A strange beep? Other strange sounds?

First, consult the User Guide that’s enclosed with the device. Our User Guide is full of thorough operating info, troubleshooting hints, caring tips and was created to help our most tech-UNsavvy users navigate their device easily. Can’t find your User Guide, borrow ours. If you’re still having trouble, call our expert phone representatives and we’ll help walk you through your questions.

What if my device isn’t working?

We proudly stand behind our hearing aids, but in the event of any unforeseen defects, our one-year limited warranty has you covered. Contact ListenClear if you experience any issues and we will help guide you through any quick fixes. If your device requires more than a phone conversation, we will help do everything we can to correct the problem and get your hearing back where it belongs.

What if I decide to return the device?

No problem. We know you’ll see a world of difference during your 30-day risk-free trial, but if you’re not fully satisfied, return your device(s) for a full refund. NOTE: we recommend giving yourself a couple of weeks to get used to the product, well within the 30-day trial period.

One size fits all? How?

Our devices come with different-sized earpieces to help you find your perfect fit. If you need to change your earpiece, no problem we’ve got plenty of other sizes for you.

Do I wear my hearing aids all the time?

Nah, give your ears a break. We recommend starting slow with your hearing aids and building up use over time. Start with different situations like crowded restaurants and quiet moments and pretty soon you’ll find your rhythm. NOTE: always remove your hearing device at night and open the Battery Compartment Door to preserve your battery’s life.

Can I wear the device in the shower? Pool? Rainstorm?

The device is NOT waterproof and should be removed before any situations that might compromise the internal technology and cause the hearing aid to not function properly (voiding your one-year warranty).

Can I use it while on the phone?

Absolutely. You may need to adjust your phone’s angle to avoid some minor feedback, but you’ll find the right spot and pretty soon it will all be second nature.

I have more questions.

That’s okay, you’re just doing your homework. We’ll help. Give us a call at 1-888-895-1162.

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