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Hearing the difference
High-Definition Sound

The ear’s average high-frequency range extends beyond 16 kHz, but the sounds you hear are immeasurable. No one realizes this as much as someone who’s experienced significant hearing loss—maybe this is you.

ListenClear has always been driven by the desire to help people get back to the hearing they once had and stop missing out on life. This drive helped us to create a hearing instrument with the widest spectrum of sound reproduction in the hearing aid industry. Our RIC hearing device provides a frequency up to 14 kHz with HD processing channels that automatically adjust to your environment for the best hearing experience possible.

But our amazing design doesn’t stop on the inside. Using patented Easy-CLICK technology, our devices provide comfort you can count on for extended wear. The Easy-CLICK design creates an ultra-soft and gentle fit in your ear for a natural and comfortable feel that lasts.

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