ListenClear Reviews

ListenClear Reviews

This is literally a world of difference. It almost brings tears to your eyes knowing that you can hear again.

Kevin - Georgia

I can hear after 35 years. I should have done it sooner. Your product is just great and thank you for your customer service. Nice job!

Tom - California

It's amazing that these hearing aids can work even without adjustments or hearing tests. You guys must be clairvoyant!

Rich - Connecticut

A world of difference. You adjust the loudness which is what you should hear. I did not know how much I was missing The cost made this doable.

Janie - Massachusetts

I have hearing aids from the VA, but I could not wear them where there was any background noise. Therefore, I didn't wear them.Listen Clear has eliminated that problem and I wear them a lot, especially watching TV.

James - Michigan

Let me start off with...AMAZING! The representative listened to all my concerns, kept me very informed and was very patient. I love my hearing aids! They are by far the best and lightest I've used. I don't even feel I'm wearing them! I love the quality, clearness and most of all the size & color options! No pressure & hassle free. The staff at ListenClear is so helpful and nice to talk with. These can be compared to some similar ones (not mentioning names) costing $3,000 each. I fully recommend ListenClear hearing aids! I am totally in love with them and 110% satisfied. Thank you, ListenClear!

Yvette - Florida

After a 70% hearing loss at high frequency occurred during my deployment, I couldn't watch TV or remotely function in a room with two or more people speaking. I'm amazed! I've only worn them for two days now and my life is infinitely better. I can hear things that I could not before and find myself listening to everything. Thank you!

Ken - TX

My wife has said for quite sometime that I needed hearing aids. I had my hearing tested by several hearing aid providers but never ordered any hearing aids simply because of the price tag of $4,000 - $10,000 for a set. Not having a money tree in my back yard, I did not order any. I saw a "ListenClear" ad on the back of a popular magazine. I made the call and the rest is history. I can hear perfectly in all surroundings. The wife doesn't get angry anymore because I do not have to ask her to repeat what she said. The price was great. I am a very happy customer and highly recommend ListenClear to any and everyone.

Charles - Texas

WOW! What a difference. I can hear again. Our TV is turned down to a #7 from #16. My husband is very happy about that, and I'm not asking "what did they say" all the time. I was very happy to get rid of the hearing aids that I was using, and now I am realizing that I was not hearing out of them. I have had ListenClear for a week. I'm still working on putting them in more easily, but getting better at it every day. The best is I CAN HEAR AGAIN.

Fern - Massachusetts

Heard the add on the radio. Was a bit skeptical, but Mom couldn't hear anymore because her hearing aids were shot. Dad didn't leave very much for her, so I thought I would give this a try. When she first put the Listen Clear hearing aid in, I watched a 79 year old woman weep when she heard the heater click on in her apartment for the very first time. With the easy payment plan, Sis and I will have no problem paying for fact, to Mom, it's priceless. Thanks, Listenclear!

Gregory - Pennsylvania

I absolutely love them. Im on my second day with them and they’ve changed my life.

Daniel - Michigan

I love them. I don’t holler when I’m talking anymore, they have made a huge difference in my life and you can’t beat the price.

Brian - Florida

I’m ecstatically happy with my ListenClear hearing aids. I’m not a real technology guy and I’m not into a lot of gadgets and things, but this is so simple, anybody can work it. It’s brought me a lot of happiness and my wife is really happy because the TV is halfway turned down now.

David - Maryland

Well let me tell you, it’s the best product my husband has ever had and he’s tried so many.

Thomas - Massachusetts

I absolutely love them. It has opened up a whole new world for me. I’m really astonished.

Janice - Texas

I’d had such a problem with my other hearing aid. Now I can hear things that I’ve never heard before. At first I couldn’t hear a train. I could be in a conversation and only hear half of it and I had to keep asking people what they said. Now, I don’t have to do that! It’s such a relief.

Robert - Mississippi

When I got the hearing aids, I think my wife and I both started crying. We’ve had them for 3 days and she’s just a completely different person now. We can hear our grandchildren hollering now!

Charles - Florida

It’s going great! My wife is happy the TV’s not so loud.

Henri - Florida

When trying to find the right solution for a hearing impairment, it makes sense for you to look at digital hearing aid reviews; the difference been a well-performing device and a poor one can be the difference between enjoying a party with family and friends and struggling to hear anyone in the room. While the purchase of a life-changing assistive device can be very exciting, opening up opportunities for communication, from the workplace to the park to a restaurant, buying the wrong one could lead to daily discomfort and difficulty.

These hearing aid reviews and comparisons can help you figure out what will help you enjoy more sound for a more reasonable price. On the other hand, it’s important to keep in mind that your ears and your hearing needs may be very different from those of other people leaving their digital hearing aid reviews. When trying to figure out which devices are the best hearing aids, reviews should be considered along with other factors, too, like the extent of your hearing loss, the recommendations from your ENT or audiologist, any issues you have with earwax or balance, or the shape of your inner and outer ear. For some with moderate hearing loss, for instance, a behind-the-ear hearing aid product would likely be nice and comfortable as well as easier to use. For others, an in-the-ear aid would be simpler. You’ll also want to consider the life of various hearing aid batteries. Reviews are a major part of the story, but consider the product specifications, too!

Choosing the right one might take some time. That’s why we at ListenClear offer a free trial. We also offer help from our customer service team, who you can connect with at 1-888-895-1195. We can help you figure out which product would optimally fit your needs for the best hearing aid. Review the product descriptions in detail, and consider whether an outside- or inside-the-ear product would be easier for you to use day to day.

Take the time online to sort through our best hearing aids. Reviews, help from our customer service team, and advice from your doctor are all essential tools for helping you to find the best solution; use all three as a guide for being a smart buyer.

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